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Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services

Executive Order 170 Extends the Deadline for Notaries Public to be Sworn into Office.


Welcome to the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services (DORES). We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services in the most efficient manner possible to the business community, taxpayers, and State and local governments. Our business and cross-agency services include:

  • Business registration and commercial information filing/access
  • Consolidation and automation of common government transactions
  • Electronic government filing and payment services
  • Electronic imaging and storage of government documents
  • Non-tax debt collection
  • Revenue recording
  • Statewide records management
  • Tax return and payment processing

Please help us in our continuing efforts to deliver high-quality services by sharing your thoughts on our programs.

If you wish to learn more about our services, visit our Mission and Program Activities page.

James J. Fruscione, Director

  • Pursuant to State law, effective 7/9/2020, revoked domestic and foreign corporations seeking to reinstate will not be required to obtain tax clearance certificates, provided they file for reinstatement within two years after being revoked.
  • Also effective 7/9/2020, all revoked domestic and foreign corporations, as well as domestic and foreign LLCs on the inactive list, will be required to obtain tax clearance certificates if they file for reinstatement more than two years after being revoked.
  • Important Changes to Filing Fees
  • Solicitations by Private Companies for Annual Report Filings
  • New Free Tax Calendar Reminders
  • Effective December 21, 2020 New Jersey S CORPORATION/QSSS election can be .
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Services and Information

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